Archie | 22 Months

Archie's 22 Month Update

It's been a while since I wrote an update for Archie (around 4 months) and I was starting to post 6 monthly updates, but he's been learning and developing so much over the past year that I can barely keep up, so I've decided to return to monthly updates. It's also a great way of documenting my favourite pictures of the month, that don't fit in anywhere else.

Archie's 22 Month Update

A was by no means an early talker, but by 18 months he was saying a handful of words. It's clear I had no need to worry because now he doesn't stop and he's constantly mimicking us and I can't get over how adorable toddler talk is! Here's a small number of words/phrases he uses alot: Dinosaur, Paw-paw-paw (Paw Patrol), Beppa doo-doo-do-do-do (Peppa Pig & sings the theme tune), Hello-oh, byeee *waves*, nuh-night, apple, Mummy mummy! (when excited), bubbles, ball (to anything that's circle-shaped), baddie (points to scratches/cuts), NO (uses this one alot)..


We've had sleep cracked for a while now (though it will all go out of the window now I've written that down) and not much has changed since A's 18 month update, except dare I say it? He even seems to actually enjoy sleeping now. A goes to bed around 7pm with his Winnie-the-Pooh comforter and usually can't wait to get into his cot. He snuggles up under his duvet, I tuck him in and he rarely gets upset (if he does, it's usually a sign something's up).

Naps seem to have extended from 1-2 hours to 2-3 hours daily which is lovely for us! The only problem is, once naps dissipate, it's going to be hard for us to adjust to not having the nice midday rest (and it seems to be my most productive blogging period)!


Why, helluh-oh terrible two's, aren't you just peachy? A is mastering the epic strop so well recently that I'm occasionally in awe of how well he clearly understands what's going on. We have them under control(ish) most of the time *insert screaming face emoji*, and try to deal with them by getting down on his level and explaining to him the reasons behind us saying 'no' (which actually seems to kind of work?), or by distracting him with a giant ice-cream..


Nom, nom, nom as A would say. He's mostly a very good eater, though he'll have fussy days but he always seems to make up for it. His fave foods are raisins, grapes and sausages (though not at once) and he now has 2 cups of milk a day, morning and evening. He'll occasionally have the odd baby juice or fruit shoot, but mostly drinks water. He had his first dentist visit this month and it was handy to chat with them about baby teeth as A sometimes has white stains (apparently completely normal) and we can have a right old struggle brushing his gnashers (but they're all good).

Archie's 22 Month Update

First haircut this month! Gah, my baby is so not a baby anymore; my best friend is a hairdresser, so gave him a little trim-up and I must admit, I had no idea how long his hair really was until he'd had it chopped off. He looks like such a young man now without his baby curls (though he's still getting called a girl occasionally). His hair is still blonde, though a mousy colour, and his beautiful eyes are still brown, though not as dark as when he was born. He was bigger than most others his age for a long time but now seems to have slimmed out as he's still in 9-12 month tops. He's an extremely crazy active child, so I've no doubt that's why he's so slim!


A has a huge personality; he's outgoing, chatty and loving and I want to remember some of the cute, quirky things he tends to do at this age:
   He loves animals; there's one particular cat who lives next door and he'll bend down and jabber away to her as if she can understand him. She now walks up to him and lets him stroke her and seems to have taken to him.
   He dances, alot, even more so when he's excited and it's pretty adorable. He also folds his arms up and swings them as he walks along, bobs, runs and jumps constantly.
   He now roleplays by playing with Daddy's coffee machine (pretends he's made a drink and faux sips it) and regularly tries to feed his Winnie food & drink (cute, but messy).

The last 22 months seem to have passed by in the blink of an eye and in a couple of months we'll be celebrating A's second birthday (and a bit of Christmas Day too).. Also, any pressie recommendations for 2-3 year olds, send my way!

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