An Introduction to Cloth Nappies #2

It's been almost 4 months now since we started our cloth nappy journey and 2 months since my original cloth nappy post. During the first few weeks, I was starting to wonder whether it was worth switching to reusables at all after suffering a few leaks, issues and seemingly not being able to adjust well to cloth, but I stuck with it and I'm so glad we did because I adore them now and wouldn't return to using disposables.

Reusable nappies including Wonderoos, Bambootys, Charlie Banana, Tots Bots, Little Lambs and Fuzzibunz elite

My modest cloth nappy stash has gradually grown over the past couple of months so that we now have around 25-30 nappies in all. We now have enough to be able to do a nappy wash every other day rather than every day, saving time and washing which is surprisingly much easier to handle. I own various different types and brands, some of which I love and work great for us, and others that I wouldn't purchase again.

Reusable nappy stash including Wonderoos, Bambootys, Charlie Banana, Tots Bots, Little Lambs and Fuzzibunz elite

My favourites right now are the Wonderoo and Baba + Boo nappies; they also happen to be among the cheapest to buy! They're both pocket nappies (my favourite type of nappy) and the main reason I love them is because they're huge compared to other one-size nappies I own. Archie is quite big for his age (not unusually so, on the 50th percentile for weight) so our main issue is finding nappies that fit him correctly and aren't too small (I find alot of birth-to-potty sized nappies are actually far too slim-fitting and don't fit him now at 12 months, let alone aged 2-3).

The Wonderoo is also especially comfortable as it has soft cotton gathering around the legs (the only nappy I own that isn't just elastic around the leg which can occasionally rub) and comes with a huge booster that I tend to use alone during the day or with 3 Little Lamb boosters at night (he's a heavy wetter!). It's now my go-to nappy for night time and our previous favourite, Little Lambs, have become a last resort as I find they're far too bulky and go hard when washed.

Baba + Boo 'daydreams' cloth nappy Baba + Boo 'daydreams' cloth nappy

The Baba + Boo nappy in the 'Daydreams' print

Our most recent new addition is the easy-dry Bambooty, which I'm still a little unsure about. It has 2 built-in boosters and 1 that's removable, depending on the amount of absorbency your baby needs. The fit is quite slim and I'm still adjusting to getting the correct size for Archie. I've now used it a couple of times and had no problems with leaks so far but I'll reserve judgement until we've had it for a while. I really want to try out the easy-night Bambooty as I've heard such great things about them. I've also wanted to try out Milovia pocket nappies for a while as they have such good reviews, but haven't indulged in one before as they're quite expensive compared to other cloth nappies. This month, however, they're releasing a 'bam boom' limited edition print which I adore, so I've treated Archie to one!

Bambooty easy-dry cloth nappies New bam boom Milovia pocket nappy

Our new Bambooty easy-dry nappy and the new limited edition 'bam boom' Milovia pocket nappy, available for pre-order through Babi Pur.

Cloth nappies have become a way of life for us (Daddy even has no problems using them now), and I don't miss disposables at all. I'm glad that we started using them now with our first child, so that they can be re-used for the next one (whenever the time may come).

Reusable nappy stash including Wonderoos, Bambootys, Charlie Banana, Tots Bots, Little Lambs and Fuzzibunz elite

Nappies L-R: easy-dry Bambooty, Tots Bots Easyfit V4, Little Lamb size 2 with Bombproof wrap (front), Fuzzibunz elite, unbranded pocket nappy (front), Close pop-in+ bamboo.

In other news: Archie is now officially walking and spending almost all of his time on his feet. He rarely falls now, has received his first pair of walking shoes and is almost confident enough that we'll be able to take him for little walks out & about!

If you're interested in switching to reusables and have any questions, feel free to comment below. I'm by no means an expert but would be more than happy to try and help.

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