An Open Letter to Simpson Travel

Dear Mr and Mrs Simpson Travel,

Mummy says you're looking for your very own travel ambassadors who can shout at the top of their lungs about your holidays and services, and I think I would be very, very good at that. Shouting is probably my number one favourite thing to do, though it's very closely followed by handstands, I'm very good at handstands.

And I can tell you why I really need a holiday.

It's tough being 4, you know? Yesterday, my dinner had this red juice in it and Daddy put my drink in the green cup. The green one! Short of cutting my sandwiches into triangles, it was the worst that could've happened. Needless to say, I refused to do anything until my rightful blue cup (the one with the twirly-whirly straw) had been brought to me and insisted upon each piece of pasta being cleansed of that red stuff before I'd eat it. What a day that was.

But the biggest thing of all? Well, 18 months ago out of nowhere, I had the most fun sleepover at Nanny & Grandad's and came home to this wrinkly little person. "Where on earth did he come from?" I asked, "and when exactly are his Mummy and Daddy coming to get him?" Life has been turned upside down ever since and he cries a lot; he's also always trying to steal my favourite cars and lets off the most absurd smells I've ever been privy to, at least when Daddy's not around.

Needless to say, it's been a tough year and a half but I'm coming around to the idea of having a brother and now we're oh-so ready for our next big adventure. Me and my little brother, we've never left the country before and we think that with Simpson Travel, it would be the perfect beginning to our travelling adventures for so many reasons.

To have all of the planning taken out of our hands, being offered a beautiful destination, hand-picked to suit our needs (because there's not much time for that with pasta-rinsing and twirly-whirly blue cup searching), to booking transfers, flights, car parking (the thing we always forget to organise) and always knowing we have someone on hand to call upon about the hidden gems we could visit, I know we'd all be so relieved to not have to think about any of that stressful stuff. It's clear from the beautiful destinations on your website and the lovely things we can see have been said, that you are the experts in your field, just like we're the experts at deciphering urine output and surviving sleep regressions (well, intermediate).*

To know that we will all be so well looked after by your representatives, who have as much experience and passion as we have for roly-polys and ensuring we choose the right colour cup, means that we can, simply just be as a family and that would be the best possible gift we could receive; we'd all be shouting from the rooftops (and having handstand competitions) if it were to happen.*

Kind regards,
Archie, 4 (and Jesse Blue, 1 and a bit, and Mummy, old, & Daddy, older) xo

*Mummy wrote those last couple of paragraphs, but only because she says 'because it all sounds super awesome' might not cut it.

Disclosure; This post is Archie's our entry into the Simpson Travel Family Ambassador programme.

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