An Open Letter To My 15 Month Old

Dear A, I feel like your monthly updates are naturally coming to a close now that you're 15 months old; instead of monitoring development milestones and waiting for the next new thing, we're enjoying who you are as a person. Your personality is shining now and we see a little more of it every day with your quirky ways - such as the cute way you'll always share your food if we ask (even sausages!) and the way you persistently pull down the lamp even though we tell you not to!

A Letter to my 15 Month Old Son

Daddy and I know you better than anyone (after a year of practice!) and you're making it much clearer to us now what you want, from passing us your bottle when you've had enough, to pointing to toys and items that you want us to pass to you (usually things you're not supposed to have!). You listen to us when we ask you to do things, and you copy us by saying 'Ta!' when we ask you to pick something up.

15 month old toddler being carried by his father after the park 15 month old toddler being carried by his father after the park

You give really good cuddles, and they mean so much more now that we're not forcing them on you! You're extremely mischievous and occasionally you'll keep on testing us if we tell you 'no', whereas other times your bottom lip will wobble and you'll make us feel guilty!

This month, you've been very poorly and scared us silly - it's made Daddy and I realise just how much we love you and how lucky we are to have such a gorgeous, happy, charismatic little man in our lives. After losing Uncle Connor so suddenly, I think alot about how my life would be without you in it, and it wouldn't be a life at all. I'm thankful for every second of every day that we have you.

15 month old toddler visiting Uncle Connors grave at the cemetery 15 month old toddler visiting Uncle Connors grave at the cemetery 15 month old toddler visiting Uncle Connors grave at the cemetery

You run everywhere now (forget walking!), you play on the park and share your toys with others. You hold your hands up to the ones you love and know the exact cupboard the sweeties are kept in. You love playing drums on the pots & pans and you devour every single sausage that's put in front of you (but believe that all other foods belong on the floor).

You adore your big brother and get so excited when he comes to stay, he reads to you and you have cuddles in bed whilst he plays on his phone and you're completely obsessed with his bedroom, you're always trying to mess up his toys and steal his phone whilst he's away.

15 month old toddler reading a book with his older brother 15 month old toddler drinking a fruit shoot

You love music and you'll dance to anything and everything, no matter how tired you are. You laugh so much now, sometimes for no apparent reason and it's completely infectious. I even love the disgusting things you do such as picking your nose & rubbing food in your hair.

You love the park and being outdoors, it's an endless adventure for you and if we let you, you'd run for miles in any random direction without stopping. You're fascinated by animals, though they're not quite as fascinated with you when you pounce on them and tug their tail. You're the most adorable sleeper I've ever seen and since we've replaced your gro-bag for a cosy duvet, you sleep so soundly and all through the night, it makes Mummy proud but also sad that her newborn baby has disappeared.

Every time I look at you, I see how much you've grown and how big you're getting. The last 15 months have flown by in the blink of an eye, and the 9 months before that when you were snug & happy in my tummy. I want you to know that I'm so proud of you, in every single way. I have no doubt in my mind that you will grow into a wonderful human being and we'll all be there with you every step of the way, you'll never be alone.

15 month old toddler sitting in Britax carseat 15 month old toddler having a selfie with his Mummy

One day, there might be more brothers & sisters for you to bond with, though hopefully not all at once, but until that day, you are Mummy's favourite person and all she wants is for you to be happy, no matter what.

I love you,
Momma H

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