Archie | 9 Months

With Nanny & Great Nanny Huett, play time and visiting Great Nanny Bailey

Archie has now been here for almost as long as I was pregnant with him for - 40 weeks and 5 days (boy, do I remember counting down every second of those 5 days), the nine craziest months of my life, and the best. I thought 8 months was hectic, but 9 months has been even more eventful. Almost every day, Archie does something different or learns a new skill and it's fascinating for us to witness. He feels more like a little boy with each day, my tiny baby has gone already. Two major developments this month; Teeth & sleep!

Weight: 19Ib 9oz, still smack on the 50th percentile and feeling heavier than ever.

Sleep: So, this month we've had actual sleep (well, Archie has, I still rarely sleep through the night). It seems as if all of the sleep training has paid off and my baby boy has become an expert self-settler. He goes down in his cot for bedtime and naps, natters to himself, practices his unaided standing, lots of bum-dropping, plays with his comforter and then 10-20 minutes later, he's out like a light, all by himself; I could not be a prouder Mummy. He is also sleeping (mostly) through the night (10-12 hours), bar a few nights over the past week where he's been unsettled and had a bottle (lots of teething, I'll get to that later).

My biggest achievement is that I've never used CIO with Archie (something I couldn't bear to do), and even though I've had alot of discouragement ("If you never let him cry-it-out, he'll never learn how to sleep alone"), it proves that lots of encouragement, and gentle sleep training does work, it just takes persistence and time. Obviously, I understand that every baby is different and I was lucky to get a half-good sleeper, I'm just happy it's something I didn't have to resort to trying.

Refusing to let go of cousin Aiden & games with Daddy

Although getting Archie to sleep has now become relatively hassle-free, we're still having a few issues with nap lengths. He tends to have a 1 hour 15 minute nap every morning at around 9am, but after that he'll only sleep for 30-45 minutes at 1pm (probably my fault as this is always an 'on-the-go' nap). This means recently he's been awake a long time between his second nap and bedtime, but I've found if I do try to get him to take a late afternoon nap, he wakes up in a terrible mood. Ideally, I'd like him to have another 1hr+ nap at 1pm but it just never seems to happen, and now that Archie is starting nursery, I have a feeling naps and routine are going to go crazy for a while anyway.

Food: Still eating mostly stage 2 foods, some stage 3, and I've been making sure A is having a variety of finger foods. Now he has a sharp little tooth coming through, he's chomping amazingly well at most things we offer him - cream cheese on toast has become quite a hit. He's still having a good 3 meals a day - usually weetabix & banana/fruit smoothies for breakfast, finger foods and yoghurt for lunch, and a variety of mixed veg and meat for dinner. He's tried baby pasta with butternut squash and carrot this month which he thoroughly enjoyed, and over the next couple of months we're going to try him on some lumpier dishes, meat, fish and eggs (hopefully, no allergies there!). Also, still on three 9oz bottles a day - one when he wakes up in the morning, one at lunch and one before bed.

Sizes: Still 9-12 months in clothes (but looking like he'll be in 12-18 months before Christmas), 12-18 months in hats and a size 4 in disposable nappies, but this month we started using cloth nappies!

It's something I've been interested in doing since he was born, but never had the time to look into, until a few weeks ago when I attended a baby show and spoke to the lovely ladies of The Cloth Nappy Shop and the gorgeous & friendly owner of Sweetness & Pea, both of whom took the time to inform me of all the benefits of reusables and the different types of nappies you can buy. After researching alot, I decided to take the plunge and bought a few Totsbots and also some pocket nappies to try.

So far, I'm loving cloth but as I only have 6 nappies, we haven't been able to fully switch over yet and are still using disposables at night until I can find a good night nappy. I've just purchased 4 Little Lamb bamboo nappies with stretchy wraps (waterproof covers) so hopefully we'll then have enough to be able to do a wash every other day and stop using disposables altogether. So far, I've found that they wash and dry easily & quickly and have no stains. I've tried both flushable and reusable liners, both of which work fine to get rid of the number 2's, and I'm just getting the hang of fastening them so they don't leak/aren't too tight, and knowing how many inserts/boosters Archie needs (he's a pretty heavy wetter).

Most of the nappies I use are sized birth-to-potty (adjusting poppers) except the Little Lamb's which are size 2. If you're interested in finding out more about cloth nappies and giving it a go, feel free to e-mail me at or check out The Real Nappy Information Service.

Coffee Milk with Vicky, watching Daddy gardening & brudder love

Mood: We've had a poorly boy on our hands for half the month, he had diarrhea for a week and he's had a bad cold since before then. Of course, as soon as his first tooth popped through, the diarrhea disappeared but he still has the cold (probably as the second tooth is starting to come through). Other than being a bit grizzly with his illness and his teeth, he's been nattering away, constantly practicing his d's (his favourite word is definitely 'dada' right now), b's and occasionally m's (usually when he wants picking up from his cot at a crazy hour).

Likes: (Loves) cheese, chewing on shoes, bottles of any kind, playing with his own sick (why!), making things as difficult as possible for whomever is changing his nappy, using Aiden's leg as a teether, plum, the shower (the opposite of last month), cream cheese on toast, playing with bubbles, his best friend - the wii remote (they're inseperable), turning the TV off, hairbrushes, the swings, climbing, stealing Mummy's chocolate bar off of the side when she's not looking, reading, chucking toys out of his pram.

Dislikes: Bongela, teething, getting dressed (he'd be forever naked if he could), falling over, afternoon napping, being dropped off at nursery, the hoover, drinking water, when Mummy doesn't immediately get him out of his cot in the morning (6am).


  • As I've previously mentioned, Archie has a tooth and a second one coming through! I'm so excited, he's been teething since he was around 3/4 months and finally they've decided to pop through (after a week of diarrhea and runny noses). Each day it grows more and I can't wait to see his toothy grin when they're both fully through.
  • One of my favourite things about Archie this month is that he will crawl to me if he wants me for any reason, usually if he's tired and wants a cuddle, or he wants me to play with him, or he just wants to use me as a climbing frame. He'll also crawl to me when I've been out of the room for a while to say hello and give me a massive grin.
  • Every day A practices his unaided standing more & more. He's almost always on his feet these days and he's constantly testing the water, letting his arms go and balancing alone for up to 10 seconds before bum-dropping. He can also walk well using his push-along walker and has become a pro-climber, crawling up the stairs at a rapid pace and climbing anything & everything he can get a foothold on (resulting in lots of bumps on the head).

A 'where the hell is my bottle?' moment, practicing his pincer grip and standing

  • I also noticed this month that Archie is mastering his pincer grip - he now grips small finger foods (such as grapes/raspberries) and picks them up using his thumb and forefinger, the concentration on his face is adorable. He'll also point to where all the hidden characters are in his lift-the-flap books before we can even begin reading the page.
  • A has been mimicking other's sounds and actions, such as learning to clap (or bang his fists together so far), playing peek-a-boo with us (holding a muslin and dropping it so that we say 'peek-a-boo'), waving/shaking his fists in the air and copying noises and sounds that we relay to him.
  • A's naughty side has definitely developed more this month, he's such a funny, boisterous character. Anything he shouldn't have he'll go for as soon as our backs are turned (mainly his video monitor and the shoe bin!), and he'll disappear in a second only to find him crawling underneath the table & chairs or clambering up the washing machine in the kitchen (really need to get a stair gate). We also now have a huge 'arching-of-the-back' tantrum when we try to put him in his pram/car seat and he decides he doesn't want to go in there.

Things I don't want to forget:

  • This month, Archie managed to find his way into his playpen, and lock himself in. Most kids would hate their mini-jails but Archie loves it so much he'd rather lock us out of it.
  • A has had a number of nursery sessions over the past month, ready for when I return to work next week. At first he was very unsettled and upset for most of his stay, but recently he's been enjoying himself more and though he'll initially get upset when I leave him, he has loads of fun while I'm gone and greets me with the biggest smile on his face when I pick him up. It's been difficult sending him while I haven't been at work as it leaves me with far too much time on my hands and I miss him so much, it'll be easier for me when I'm at work and busy and won't have time to worry whether he's having a good time or not.

Morning cuddles & great times with Uncle Gary and cousin, Hannah

  • I probably should want to forget this one particular incident I had to deal with this month, but when I think back, it makes me laugh. During a session of naked time, Archie pooed on the floor. Yes, it was horrifying (and luckily on wood floor), but he seemed pretty pleased with himself and giggled away at Mummy's shrieks of terror.
  • We've had lots of family/friend times this month - we went for coffee with my best friend Vicky, who bought A an amazing moustache shirt, and saw Uncle Gary for only the 2nd time. The picture above is hilarious and deceiving, I promise he does like you Unc.
  • We have a lovely morning routine now of bottle in bed, going downstairs around 7am to watch cbeebies and have morning cuddles. I love that Archie's hit an age where he'll quite happily lay with me on the sofa and have lots of Mummy cuddles.

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