Archie | 8 Months

By far, 8 months has been my favourite month since having Archie! Don't get me wrong, I've loved every minute and there's no feeling like that newborn bliss but 8 month olds are so much fun. Archie is a little boy now, he doesn't feel like a teeny baby anymore; he laughs and squeals with joy when we play with him (he loves when we push his tummy with our heads to make him roll over), he is into everything, by crawling or toddling along using his push-along walker, he puts his arms out when he's upset and wants a cuddle, he acknowledges every look and expression you give him and he's the epitomy of a bundle of joy (except bigger).

We found swings! You can see how much he loves them

Weight: 19 pounds exactly, still smack on the 50th percentile.

Sleep: You'll have read a little bit about Archie's sleep this month if you've seen the first holiday post, though even since then (only a week ago), things have changed again!

He's started waking multiple times a night over the past few days and at least once a night is getting very upset for no apparent reason. We've previously been giving him a bottle but this isn't a habit I want to get in to as we've weaned him off of night feeds. Unfortunately, I think it's down to some severe teething and seperation anxiety! I'm sure it's just a phase (or another flipping wonder week) as he has been improving vastly up until now.


I believe we might be entering a 3-2 nap transition as well. Archie usually has naps at 9, 12:30 and 3:30, but today he had a later second nap at 1pm (for around an hour), and skipped his last nap entirely resulting in a slightly earlier bedtime and one exhausted baby.

On the plus side, he's going to bed slightly later and waking up mostly later than 6am (yessss!) and I feel like the act of getting him to sleep is so much easier now. I think I've mastered knowing the exact moment A needs to go down for a nap or bed and it seems to be right as he's going off to sleep with minimal effort (in a few minutes as opposed to 30+), and this morning he went to sleep 100% on his own after a little natter and play in his cot, so I'm one extremely proud Momma. It's a massive weight off of my shoulders and it means Mummy gets lots of downtime (by downtime I mean, cleaning/tidying/washing-up time - although Daddy wouldn't believe that).

Food: Stage 2, we're in the process of thickening/lumpening Archie's food now plus increasing the amount of finger foods he has. We've found Ella's pouches fantastic for healthy, organic food on-the-go, but the majority of A's meals are homemade. He generally has fruit purée for breakfast, some sort of yoghurt/finger foods for lunch, and veggies for dinner. It's difficult to know right now what he really likes as somedays he'll demolish a whole meal and the next day he'll only enjoy a few spoonfuls of the same thing, but overall he's still a greedy monkey. He's also still drinking 4 (occasionally 5) 8oz bottles a day, which I'm trying to cut down to 3 9oz bottles.

Sizes: Still a size 4 in nappies and 9-12 months in baby clothes thankfully, considering he's only 8 months and growing up too fast.

Kisses with Aunty Tracey and cuddles with Daddy

Mood: AJ is still overall a happy little guy, he thrives off of learning new skills and is (mostly) wonderful and smily with new people. Near the end of this month he's become a little grizzly, which I think is due to teething as we can see a teeny tiny bottom tooth looking like it's about to erupt. The chest infection has caused him to struggle a bit at times, he's still suffering with the remnants of it, but most of the time he will battle on with a smile.

My happy boy, obsessed with Baby Jake and discovering his Christmas presents, oops

Likes: Baby Jake, Goldenballs (?), his winky, chewing on everything (especially the things he definitely shouldn't be chewing on), any & every dog, attempting to stand on his own (with or without help), Mummy & Daddy reading to him, peek-a-boo, hitting Daddy in the face, Mummy's glasses! Meet the Robinsons (first film!).

Dislikes: The noise from the hair dryer, waiting for milk, sitting still, when he can't catch my Nan's dogs, the shower over his face _, Mummy taking the wii remotes away, sleeping past 6am.


  • Pulling himself to stand with ease on anything and everything, he actually spends the majority of his time standing now.
  • Walking along using his push-along walker and hanging on to the sofa.
  • Lots of independent play! Archie can now happily play by himself for extended periods of time; he'll spend time in his playpen, but has to be watched like a hawk out of it (we've had lots of bumps on the head this month, he's a bit too enthusiastic!).
  • Archie now realises when things are hidden and will look under/behind objects to find his toys, or peer around an object to see something/someone, he also loves playing 'peek-a-boo'.
  • As I mentioned previously, we've begun to see some seperation anxiety; he's been very clingy with Mummy this month, if he's tired/upset he'll crawl to me and hold his arms out and often won't settle unless he's with Mama (Daddy is convinced he hates him).
  • He's found his winky (and he never stops playing with it).

Archie with Caitlin (KK), Cauley and Alfie, Ruby and Kayden

Things I don't want to forget:

  • Our first holiday away with A.
  • A has learned how to get himself down from the standing-up position and now loves to bum-drop. If we have any guests, he will repeatedly stand up on his walker and then bum-drop whilst looking at them as if he's showing off his new skill.
  • He's now very aware of my Nan's two lovely pups, Meggy & Ginny, and they have become much more aware of him. Archie is fascinated by them and is always trying to stroke (grab) them and although Ginny gets a little jealous and will flee any time Archie goes near her, Meggy is starting to adore him and is always trying to kiss him and nuzzle him; she also rolls on her belly in front of him so that he'll rub her tummy. I'm attempting to teach him to be gentle when he trys to stroke them but he's completely ignoring me thus far!
  • Lots of family time this month! We went to Kidz About with Archie's cousins, Kayden, Alfie & Ruby recently and more cuddles with Cauley & cousin KK this month who also came to visit for our first family BBQ.

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