6 Unusual Side Effects Pregnancy Has Left Me With

6 Ways Pregnancy Has Scarred Me For Life

I often fondly think back on how much I enjoyed my pregnancy (violation of bits aside), but then there's the weird after-effects of pregnancy, which I didn't expect to hang around. Here are a few unusual side effects I've been left with since the birth of little A.

NB. This is a tongue-in-cheek post about my journey since pregnancy. I'm massively grateful I was lucky enough to have A and hope I'll be lucky enough to carry more babies in the future. I hope you can take this post with the good humour in which it was meant. (:

6 Ways Pregnancy Has Scarred Me For Life

I can no longer listen to Fall Out Boy.

The hardest part of my pregnancy came during the good old first trimester - the dreaded morning sickness. Though I was never actually sick, the nausea in itself was horrendous and tended to coincide with my early drive to work, where I would happily (and queasily) bob along to the latest Fall Out Boy album. In-between bouts of heaving, I'd even have a good old sing-song.

Though morning sickness is now a thing of the past, it's still impossible for me to listen to a single song from the album without those feelings of nausea immediately rushing back and refusing to dissipate until said song has been promptly switched off (and CD has been thrown out of window).

I struggle to brush my teeth.

Weirdly, from the very moment I discovered those two pink lines, I started having some serious brushing issues. The minute those bristles hit my tongue, I felt a severe urge to chuck my guts up, it was almost as if the brush had somehow worked it's way half-way down my throat (no deep-throat jokes, this is a very serious parenting blog, guys..).

Although pregnancy has passed, the same sensation will occasionally rear its ugly head, just when I'm minding my own business, spending some quality time with Mr Colgate, ugh.

I'm pretty certain the next pregnancy won't be as straightforward.

I was really lucky to have a relatively simple pregnancy, I recovered quickly and my uterus sprung back into position faster than Archie can sprint to the kitchen when I yell 'chocolate biscuits'. Though I did lose something (along with a lot of sleep and my ability to get through 5 glasses of wine without a hangover) and it was..

My boobs!

I had pretty minute pert breasts before pregnancy, then I was lucky enough to receive a fairly substantial rack during, but since I stopped breastfeeding, they've completely deflated and I have even less to fill my bra with than before. Is revelling in a DD-cup good enough reason to breastfeed the next one until they're 42?

I was lulled into a false sense of security.

Pregnancy is pretty cool. You get the glow, the shiny hair, the little person growing inside your tummy, but you still get time to do whatever the hell you want (well, besides work and stuff). Take a nap? Ok then. Head out for dinner? Why not? It got me thinking, maybe this baby thing won't be so hard? A few sleepless nights isn't so bad, I might be a natural! Fast forward 1 year to me cowering in the corner behind a giant plastic toy taking cover from a screaming toddler throwing megabloks at my head because I unscrewed the top of his Ella's pouch for him. THANKS PREGNANCY.

The fear of labour is debilitating.

Most of us have a natural fear of labour that usually rears it's ugly head in the dead of night when there's a squirming being kicking our ribs and we know that that thing has got to come out at some point and our left nostril just isn't going to cut it. The problem is, the fear of the unknown for me was much easier to deal with than the fear of the known and now I know the incredible god-awful pain intensity of labour, it's not something I'd wish to relive at the drop of a hat (unless I can skip to the baby bit).

Of course, it was totally flipping worth it, so one day (if I'm lucky enough) I'll get to encounter the experience again, but we'll just pop that thought to one side for now and watch One Born Every Minute instead..

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