Archie | 6 Months

Happy half-year! Archie Connor Johnson is 6 months old today, I can't believe how fast time has flown. It has been the hardest and equally most amazing 6 months of my life. He is easily the best thing that's ever happened to me and we've had a whale of a time so far. Here's what Archie's been up to in his sixth month of life (spoiler - it's not sleeping):

Weight: 16 pounds 12oz at his last weigh-in a couple of weeks ago, still toddling along the 50th percentile. He's well proportioned and a chunky monkey, I love his chubby thighs.

Sleep: Sleep? What sleep? I thought the 4 month sleep regression was bad, the 6 has been pure hell! This is easily the worst month we've had so far for sleep, much worse than when he was a newborn. He's waking multiple times a night, sometimes for no reason at all, sometimes out of hunger (even though we'd managed to drop the night feed previously), and it's getting more and more difficult to get him back to sleep. At it's worst, we've been downstairs watching cartoons at 4:30am. On the plus side, Archie now naps in his cot and goes to bed at night without much fuss. His favourite sleeping position is on his side and occasionally on his tummy. Read my 6 month sleep regression post for more info.

Food: We briefly stopped solids after the 5 month post as Archie began to reduce his milk intake and the health visitor thought this could be the reason, but by fluke we changed his bottle teats to the next size up and he's now eating even more and getting a lot less frustrated so this must've been the issue! We are 80% baby-led weaning, so Archie has fed himself mash potato, cucumber chunks, banana, toast fingers, frozen raspberries (to ease teething), melon and corn-on-the-cob. He's mostly still gumming at it but is slowly eating more & he definitely prefers feeding himself! We've had a few gagging incidents, but no choking as of yet.

Sizes: Still in size 3 nappies, I thought he'd be in size 4 by now but his weight gain has slowed right down (as it should) so for now I don't think he'll be going up a size. He is now fully in 6-9 month clothes (and still a few 3-6 items) and I think he's going to be going into 9-12 earlier than 9 months!

Mood: Considering our sleep issues, teething, having a cold, Archie is a very happy little boy! He doesn't let alot bother him (which makes it difficult to tell if he really is having a hard time with teething/being unwell). He broadly smiles at anyone and everyone he meets (for the most part) and spends most of his time laughing or smiling at something or other.

Likes: Playing! Shoving anything he can get his hands on in his mouth, yanking hair, remote controls, chattering and squealing, rolling around his playmat, being naked, his bath ball that pours water, empty bags, baby wipes, anything he can't have, whatever Mummy & Daddy are eating, out-screaming his baby cousin Aiden, clenching his monkey feet, canimals, being on his feet, fidgeting, gurgling.

Dislikes: Nights, naps, sleep of any kind, his walker (can't figure out what he's supposed to do), when Mummy & Daddy don't let him have their food, being hungry (screams the house down!), when anyone stops paying him attention.


  • He's now reaching to be held using his arms & body.
  • Archie is now a pro-roller, back to belly, belly to back, rolling is his main mode of transport right now, but is close to crawling, pushing his knees up to his tummy.
  • Talking! He's nattering away, lots of baby talk, he's said Mama and Dada (though probably didn't mean to), and is making so much noise now.
  • His personality is shining at the moment, it's like he's changed completely in the past few weeks with everything he's learning to do.

Things I don't want to forget: His first time in a paddling pool! He seemed to enjoy himself (though I think he just thought it was another bath), kicking and splashing his legs, enthusiastically trying to squirm out of my grip though, the little monkey.

Events: Archie's new baby cousin, Aiden, was born this month. He didn't take much notice of him other than attempting to out-tantrum him (not that he had to try hard, Aiden was an angel). It's crazy seeing them together and seeing how much Archie has changed in 6 months from a quiet newborn to a rambunctious 6 monther!

We visited Archie's Uncle Connor (whom Archie is named after) at the cemetery with Nanny & Grandad. He'll grow up knowing what a wonderful person his Uncle was.

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