5 Reasons a PacaPod is Your New Best Friend

The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld

Babies need alot of crap; I had no idea until Archie came along that I couldn't just double up my handbag as a changing bag; Babies are tiny I said, Surely I can just bung a couple of nappies and a bottle into my spare pocket? And then said baby was born, and ever since I've been patiently hanging around waiting for Mary Poppin's to put those fantastic bottomless bags on the market.

So, when I got the opportunity to review a PacaPod, I nearly wet myself with excitement, as my own changing bag just wasn't cutting it and I'd already heard wonderful things about PacaPod and how much easier they could make a Momma's life; that's really what we're all looking for as parents, anything to make life that little bit easier! So, I figured I'd break it down for you and share the top 5 reasons a PacaPod will undoubtedly kick your current changing bag's ass and become your new BFF.

The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld

1. It will organise everything for you.

The general premise of PacaPod is that it has a huge side pocket which you can undo to reveal a feeder pod and a changer pod, simple! The feeder pod is insulated and comes with a bottle cover to keep milk super warm or keep snacks cool when out and about. Little A no longer has a bottle so we use the feeder pod for snacks and water. The pod claims to keep anything insulated for up to 4 hours, so I was amazed to remove Archie's cup 12 hours later to find it still cool!

Now, the changer pod is where it gets seriously funky as it holds a pocket for everything you need — for forgetful parents (ie. moi) this is so handy, as you can instantly spot if you've missed something before popping out. It also satisfies my inner tidy person (the one I left behind once I had children) by keeping everything neat and easily within reach at the first sign of a nuclear faeces explosion.

These pods have a velcro strap to fit perfectly within the side of PacaPod and they also come with pram attachment clips which make fastening the bag, or just the pods to the bar of your pram so much easier (no more constantly pulling the bag up to the top of the pram as it slides down *fist pumps*). There's also a handy padded portable changing mat tucked away in the bottom pocket and a small drawstring bag to store dirty vests.

The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld

2. It actually solves baby brain.

Is it just me, or does anyone else spend the majority of their time searching for keys? If I could put all of the hours I've wasted together, I could've easily allotted enough time for a mini spa break. PacaPod has a zip pocket along the side with several smaller pockets within for all your bits; purse, phone etc. It also has this awesome elasticated cord with a clip on the end to attach your keys too! I can honestly say since having this, my keys are always kept in the pocket and I haven't lost them once; now I just need a similar cord for my glasses/purse/cards etc..

3. It's pretty.

I don't mean to be shallow, but owning pretty things tends to become fairly uncommon post-children; my favourite tops are stained with vomit and my AA skinny's will never recover from the battering they've received from sticky fingers and surprise streams of urine, so it's nice to have something that works so well as a changing bag but also looks awesome and stylish (plus PacaPod have a tonne of different varieties you can choose from).

4. The shoulder strap twists, yep.

One of the most irritating things about my old changing bag was the constantly twisted shoulder strap. It was too stiff to easily make longer/shorter and I really didn't have the time to sit and untwist before every use. PacaPod has a removable strap that has twisting mechanisms so every time you pick it up, it simply manoeuvres itself into the right position, absolutely genius!

The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld The PacaPod Napier Changing Bag in Moonstone by PramWorld

5. It has plenty of room.

The ultimate requirement of any changing bag is tonnes of space. No matter how many times I emptied and re-packed my old bag, there would still be items falling out as soon as I picked it up to head for the door, but with PacaPod, the pods are packed and I'm struggling to find items to fill the inner pocket with. Hmm, might need to take my slippers, perhaps? In case of an emergency nap opportunity at the Grandparents? Or perhaps I'll take the old changing bag so I can throw it in the trash on the way out.. The luxury to carry with you whatever you want plus all the baby stuff, pure luxury!

This post is written in collaboration with the fab folks over at Winstanleys Pramworld. Head over to the original post written for 9 Months & Forever and if you're considering purchasing your own PacaPod (do it!), you can now get a travel pod with it, for free! The moonstone Napier (the one featured in this review) has just come back in stock so grab it quick before they sell out!

This fabulous PacaPod Napier in moonstone was gifted to me for the purposes of this review, but all thoughts are completely honest and my own. I really would kiss this bag's butt (if it had one)..

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