Archie | 5 Months

We've made it to 5 months (relatively) unscathed. It's been an incredible few months and it's amazing seeing the ways in which Archie grows and changes each day. He is easily the best thing we've ever created! Here's a more detailed update into what Archibald has been up to in his fifth month of life:

Weight: A whopping 16 pounds 4oz, just above the 50th percentile.

Sleep: Up until a week ago, his sleep patterns remained pretty normal and we (naïvely) thought we may have escaped the dreaded 4 month sleep regression unharmed, but for the past 4 days he's gone from waking once a night for a feed to waking 2/3 times a night hungry and a number of times more wanting his dummy, ah! It has been difficult reverting back to newborn mode but luckily we have the odd night (such as last night) where he goes back to his 9+ hours a night and we get a lovely long stretch, so I can't complain too much.

Food: We started solids! I started off by giving him a couple of sticks of cucumber (which he gummed to death) and a bit of banana (which he hated!) and also tried him on baby rice and sweet potato. Sweet potato is by far his favourite at the moment and he's now having it for lunch every day to begin with. He's reduced his milk intake by about 5-6oz this month, I'm not sure if this is anything to do with starting solids or a growth spurt but he's still a healthy chunky boy.

Sizes: Size 3 in nappies but I'm sure he'll be in a size 4 within a few weeks! He also seems to be growing out of his 3-6 month clothes, he's already in 6-9 vests and I can't believe he's whizzing through everything so quickly.

Mood: Generally a happy chappy. He's struggling a bit with teething and constantly trying to shove anything he can grab into his gob, but other than that he's been smiling and laughing alot.

Likes: Putting anything & everything in his mouth (including his feet and my hair), his jumperoo, Daddy's nose, Sooty, Mummy and Daddy's phones, pulling Mummy's hair, peek-a-boo, when people sneeze, kicking his legs (usually at Mummy's face or Daddy's tummy).

Dislikes: Teething (of course), when Mummy and Daddy don't let him have their phones, baby rice (yuk), spending time in his Bumbo for longer than 10 minutes, getting dressed, or undressed for that matter, the hiccups.


  • Foot in mouth! Not a disease, but Archie's favourite place to put his feet. He's finally mastered not only grabbing/playing with them but has now figured out how to gobble them.
  • He's also managed to roll from belly-to-back once and back-to-belly 2 or 3 times, mainly when I'm out of the room though.
  • Laughing! We've had more and more smiles and lots of giggles this month, though we are yet to hear a full-on belly laugh but we can't wait for that.
  • He's started to reach out for Mummy and Daddy when he wants to be held which is something I was looking forward to most and is so lovely to see, so cute.

Things I don't want to forget: We had a lovely afternoon at Lydiard Park during the 3-day heatwave we got (Treat!) with Grandma, Grandad, Mummy, Daddy and step-brother, Fin. It was so relaxing and Archie enjoyed himself lots and was very well-behaved.

We've been attending a few Mummy meets with my friend and her daughter, Isla, which have been (probably more so for Mummy) lovely. It's so nice to talk to other Mummy's about everything baby, including solids, sleep, rolling etc. and it's especially nice as Archie is the baby of the group (excuse the pun, haha) by a few months so I can get advice on where to start with everything!

Events: We visited Sooty and co! Archie has loved watching Sooty since he was a few months old and is instantly quiet and alert once he hears the theme music in the morning so we decided to take him to meet his favourite puppet friend. I'm not sure how much he realised what was going on, mainly he gave Sooty a funny look and tried to put him in his gob.

We met up with my wonderful friend Farrell for the first time (for Archie, that is). He was besotted by little man, and we all had a lovely afternoon together on one of the rare occasions we have hot weather in England.

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