5 Days of Crazy - This Week's Ups & Down

I am finally back to posting after one hell of a crazy week. We've had a very poorly little boy the past 5 days (due to the horrible MMR) and an angry Momma thanks to the complete lack of information we received regarding the jabs. We had to deal with a temperature that spiked 39.3, a measle-like rash and an ambulance visit, not fun. Thankfully, he's well on his way to health and it was just in time for Mummy's 27th birthday yesterday!

13 month old sitting with Mummy

Taken with a Canon EOS M

As Archie was feeling much better, we went out for a bite to eat (or a bite to throw all over the floor in Archie's case) where A made a few friends (as per usual), and spent the rest of the day in Toys'R'Us buying Archie a car that he loved with his leftover birthday money.

13 month old baby playing 13 month old baby playing with toy car

One of the gifts I received bought myself for my 3-years-until-thirty birthday was a lovely pocket planner with illustrations by one of my favourite designers, Jessica Hische. I've been searching for a blog planner/organiser and being super fussy when it comes to stationery, it took me a while to find something I liked enough to be able to write in it every day.

Today is the day organiser and pocket planner illustrated by Jessica Hische Today is the day organiser and pocket planner illustrated by Jessica Hische

Another blog-friendly gift I bought with my birthday money was the awesome Canon EOS M. I've been unhappy for a while with my Panasonic Lumix point & shoot, and wanted something a bit more powerful but not as bulky as a DSLR, so after alot of research and loads of help from a photography-obsessed friend, I found this absolute beauty! I'm extremely happy with it so far and I've barely touched the surface of it's capabilities.

Canon EOS M CSC camera in silver grey Topshop 'Hey' crop top as a birthday present

New camera! – My 'Hey Archie, please stop sticking your finger up your nose' top

Mr J and I are beyond glad that Archie is feeling better, it's been awful seeing him so unwell, and I'm happy to be blogging again. We've got a few posts coming up over the next week or so and I can't wait to get some amazing shots of Archie and the family with my new camera.

13 month old playing with Winnie-the-Pooh comforter

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