Archie | 14 Months

It feels like such a long time since I've written a monthly update for Archie, even though it's only been a few weeks. I think it's due to the fact that I've been blogging more often - aiming to write a post every other day - so this month there's been a lot of extra posts inbetween!

14 month old baby close-up

A is 14 months old now, though it feels as if he's closer to a year and a half to me as he's developing so fast and he's no longer a clueless newborn but an intelligent toddler, and it all seems to have happened in the blink of an eye.


If you read our 5 Days of Crazy post, you'll know that Archie suffered a pretty crappy reaction to his MMR earlier this month and was back in our room (in his cot) for a while. Luckily, in the few weeks that have passed since, he's sleeping much better and is back in his own room.

I'd say this is the first month since he was born that sleep has become relatively consistent. A will wake up around 6:30/7am, take a 2 hour nap from 10-12pm, have a shorter nap (not always) at 3:30pm, bed for 6/7pm, and sleep through the night (mostly). I don't think it'll be too long now before A transitions to 1 nap a day. He's having a long morning nap (sometimes 2hrs+) and is skipping his afternoon nap most days.

14 month old baby playing with purse in Mr Men onesie 14 month old baby in rearward facing car seat


Food has become much less of an issue this month as A is now eating pretty much the same as us, which is great! If we take him out for dinner, we can order for him off of the kids menu and he can tackle most things, sausages, corn on the cob etc. No more worrying about packing him lunches and heating things up while we're out! We still order him the healthiest option, but that's what he tends to enjoy anyway. His favourite foods are anything baked bean shaped; sweetcorn, blueberries, peas, raisins etc. and he still loves feeding himself. Sometimes he won't eat something we offer him on a spoon, but put it in front of him and he'll scoff the whole lot.

He's now having two bottles a day, one in the morning and one before bed and takes 2oz formula and 7oz cows milk per bottle.

14 month old baby playing in rubber duck bath and laughing


A looks different to me in almost every picture now. His features are changing and he's becoming less baby-ish and more boy-ish! His hair is growing quickly, though the back has more than the front and he's a nightmare for constantly rubbing food in it. He's taller and slimmer, due to lots of activity, and he has 6 teeth, 4 at the top, & 2 at the bottom. He's in size 12-18 month clothes, besides vests and dungarees/bottoms in which he's 18-24 months.


A has a lovely temperament; when he's in a good mood (which is the majority of the time), he's playing, laughing, running around, finding mischief and is really friendly with other children (he especially loves other babies his age). Wherever we take him, he ends up making friends (just like his big brother), and even when he's a bit of a grump, he just wants lots of Mummy/Daddy cuddles to make him feel better. He'll still have the odd tantrum when he can't have something he wants but they're still manageable - we have had a little sneak peek into what the terrible two's will be like!

14 month old baby eating in high chair with cousin 14 month old baby playing with cousins in ball pit at Roves Farm, Sevenhampton

A with his cousins on a day out. Read more about it here.


Liking blueberries, raisins, throwing things (including food), Henry hoover, playing, making friends, climbing, wearing as little as possible, trying to drink the shower water, being chased, picking his nose, Mummy's camera (and rubbing his dirty mitts all over the lense), emptying the contents of handbags and purses, his new car seat (read more about that here), playing with his cousins (especially sharing chewed-up bits of food with baby Aiden), stealing cousin Hannah & Shauns iPhone 6+'s and stamping on them. Disliking getting dressed, when Henry hoover is put away, when he's not allowed anymore sweet treats (or anything in general that he wants), being tired, the taste of orange peel.

14 month old baby eating orange peel and pulling funny face 14 month old baby picking his nose in highchair


  • This baby can yabber away like no one's business, he doesn't stop. Not many actual human words yet (besides Mama, Dada, maybe Nana and 'more') but he doesn't let that stop him. "Yar-yar-yar-blah-blah-raa-raa-booya-doo-da-mamamama" is just a short snippet of what we get out of him most days..
  • A is always trying to talk to us and tell us things now, it's so cute. He understands basic commands such as "Don't do that", "Pick your toys up" and "Stop picking your nose!" and is constantly pointing at things that he wants (such as his cup of water, toys etc.) and also at things he wants us to pick up for him, lazy bum.

14 month old baby cuddling with cousin 14 month old baby wearing headphones

  • A is now pretty much a pro-walker; he's always on his feet, inside & out, and his balance has improved alot. He now rarely falls over and if he does, he's learned to catch himself with his hands and not get too hurt (besides the split lip incident, we'll forget about that). Not only can he walk like a pro, but he dances like one too..

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