Archie | 12 Months

I've decided to post Archie's update early on Xmas Eve as we'll probably be far too busy juggling Christmas/his first birthday tomorrow. We wish everyone a wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year and we're looking forward to seeing all the family in a couple of days for little A's first birthday party!

Archie is going to be 1! I feel like bursting into tears at the fact my son is becoming a toddler and no longer the teeny baby I had no idea what to do with. It's been a magical year, easily the best of my life, and I look forward to many more watching little A grow into a handsome young man (sniff sniff). Of course, that also means it's Christmas Day, so Merry Christmas everyone! What I'll be doing this year will be 1000 times more comfortable than the ordeal I was put through last year so cheers to that!

Archie's 12 month update


I'm starting to wonder whether we'll ever have a whole month of normality when it comes to sleep. Archie's had illness after illness recently; conjuctivitis to slapped cheek disease to colds & coughs so sleep has been all over the place. I've also spotted a new tooth (again!), he's walking more and more every day (and doesn't want to stop practicing to sleep) and I'm sure we're in the midst of a growth spurt [insert horrified emoji here].

Baby Archie christmas decoration Baby Archie christmas decoration Baby Archie christmas decoration

Thanks to Auntie's Hannah & Mandy for the beautiful decs!

On the plus side, he's back in his own room and sleeping through most nights, but now going to sleep seems to have become a bit of an issue (something that hasn't been a problem for a long time). Sometimes he'll go to sleep great as usual, but others he'll cry/scream/fidget/need to be rocked/sung to sleep; something I don't mind doing at the moment as I know he's having a rough time with sleep but we're going to have to revert back to attempting some minor sleep-training as he gets through these issues.

Naps are weird this month, A has started fighting/refusing his morning nap at nursery/with Daddy but is still taking his nap when he's with Mummy (he knows the score!). He is having a longer awake time in the mornings now, around 3-4 hours and has been gradually waking later so some days he'll have 2 naps and others he has a later morning nap meaning there's no time for an afternoon nap and he ends up going to bed earlier out of exhaustion.

Daddy reading to Archie Baby Archie laying on the cushion Baby Archie's top teeth


I spoke to the HV a few months back and she said that Archie should be eating what we're eating by a year and this month I've felt that's exactly where we're getting to. We still make little A homemade dinners, but we're no longer having to purée everything. He has stew, pasta, egg, sandwiches, meat, salad, fruit, almost anything you offer him he'll try, which is great.

We've begun the transition to cow's milk and I'm sure we're close to dropping the lunchtime bottle now. As Archie's been unwell, I've been reluctant to drop it as I want to make sure he's drinking plenty of fluids, but at nursery he'll only consume 2-3oz and some days at home he'll skip his lunch bottle completely. He's taken to cow's milk well and I can't wait to stop making up formula (why did I stop breastfeeding?) and sterilising bottles (we decided to sterilise for up to a year).

Baby Archie being fed a yoghurt Baby Archie opening his advent calendar Baby Archie looking up from highchair


Little A seems to have dropped a lot of puppy fat now he's constantly on-the-go and is looking a bit slimmer. He has so much hair now and is fair/blonde with beautiful dark brown eyes. A's in 18-24 months in vests & 12-18 months in everything else. I think a UK3 in shoes - I can't wait to buy his first pair of proper walking shoes this month.


Archie is hilarious. This month, he's become so aware of his surroundings and his family. He's started playing hide'n'seek and shrieking in delight when he's been found, babbling all types of random words (mostly Mama, Dada & Brrrrr-aaaa, seriously). Regardless of the crap he's put up with this month, he's been so happy and full of life and character.

Baby Archie looking out of the window Baby Archie playing with the xbox controller Baby Archie crossing his legs


Hiding in his favourite spot - underneath the clothes horse, finding the rolls of wrapping paper and ripping them to shreds, doing the naughty thing even after being repeatedly told 'no', attacking Christmas trees, putting Daddy in hospital (scratched cornea), sleeping in Mummy & Daddy's bed in a horizontal position, eating anything he finds on the floor, crossing his legs and stretching them out so it loos as if he's doing the 'mangina' (sniggers), chewing the xbox controller, pointing, climbing, laughing at Mummy when she puts her glasses on.


Sitting still, when he's being paid no attention,I'd say 'being told no' but he actually loves being told no, being even a little bit hungry (we know about it immediately), not alot really.

Baby Archie in shark outfit Baby Archie and Great Nanny Baby Archie in his pushchair


  • My baby walks, he walks, he walks! I never thought he'd make it before 1 as for a while he couldn't seem to be bothered and was quite happy to crawl but over the past couple of days he's been walking everywhere. He's still clumsy and drops a fair bit, but most of the time he makes it from A to B with a jiggle and he's trying to stand up without holding anything. He's also getting better at keeping his balance after a trip and slowing/increasing his pace without falling over.
  • So, at 11 months Archie's top 2 teeth had just popped through and now the teeth either side of those are coming through. He's been teething for a while now (though I wasn't sure that was what it was until I saw the chompers through the gum) so it's nice to know why things have been so up & down, even though he seems to be getting over his cold.
  • There's a few little things I've noticed about A, that show he's taking notice of us. If I ask him to stand while I put on his clothes, he will (mostly), he also (on occasion) will stick his feet up to me when I tell him I'm putting his socks on and when I'm pulling his vests/tops off, I ask him to put his arms up and he does.

Things I don't want to forget

  • A's picked up a nice little habit this month, picking his nose & putting his finger into his mouth. He enjoys picking his nose at almost every occasion, especially when sleepy or generally bored.
  • Forget waving, A now loves to point at everything, including people. It's almost as if he's either asking me what/who that is or wants to play with that person.
  • I made the mistake of leaving Archie's walker by the TV unit this week and when I returned, he had one foot on top of it and the other on the TV stand, he almost climbed up onto the stand completely and would have plummeted to an almost uncertain death (or bumped his head and scratched his arm).

Santa Archie with elf cousin Aiden Santa Archie with elf cousin Aiden Santa Archie with elf cousin Aiden

This could be a comic strip..

Baby Archie with his cousins

  • We had a lovely Christmas Party this month with some of Archie's cousins, and of course, took the opportunity to dress the babies up. They look absolutely fab as Santa and his little helper (Aiden, 6 months) and I had to post all of them as they're easily my favourite pictures of these two together. I'm so excited for them to grow up and become closer as they get older (and cause mischief, of course).
  • Little A thinks almost everything is a game now. I'll be busying myself with something and look up and he'll be watching me, and as I walk over he'll start giggling and running away as if we're playing, it's so cute. He also jiggles his bum and waves his arms when I sing 'Nanananana'.

Baby Archie with Hollie

Hi Hollie!

Baby Archie in monster hat Baby Archie with Nanny

Mummy's Thoughts

I'm overwhelmed that this first year is over! Throughout the day I've been remembering where I was/what I was doing this time last year (December 24, 2013 - 20:16; Beginning of labour, mild contractions) and it fills me with equal amounts of dread and elation.

I rarely discuss my weight/appearance but below you can see how I was this time last year and how I look now and for once I wanted to be happy with how far I've come. I'm very lucky in that I've never had to worry about my weight but I never expected my body to bounce back from pregnancy quite the way it has. All I've ever done is focus on my baby and since he's become so active, I am constantly on my feet and he helps me to keep fit.

Mummy's weight loss Baby Archie smiling Christmas present haul from Cadi

The amazing present haul we received from my wonderful friend, Cadi

So, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

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