Archie | 10 Months

The tenth month hasn't been a great one for Archie - after picking up tonsillitis from nursery, he was very unwell with a high temperature (spiked at 40.2 degrees), sickness, shaking and we had a couple of hospital trips before diagnosing him (I knew it wasn't just a virus). After a 10-day course of antibiotics, he's now on the mend, giggling more than ever and having lots of fun at nursery. I feel like he's grown up more than ever this month, he engages with everyone and everything around him and is picking up new skills fast.

Weight: Archie is 24Ibs 7oz at 10.5 months old - just below the 50th percentile now.

Sleep: The day Archie turned 9 months, we finally put him in his own bedroom and he was amazing. I really thought we'd have some issues as he's used to waking up in the morning and being able to see us straight-away but he went straight to sleep and didn't bother us until the next morning. He was also fantastic with naps and seems to love having his own space (and probably not being bothered by Daddy's snoring). We had a few issues with sleep this month whilst Archie was ill (understandably), he came back into our room and started waking at night for a bottle (mainly for comfort), but he appears to be getting back into his normal routine now.

Since being unwell, his routine has altered slightly so that now he goes down around 7pm and wakes around 7am the next morning. We did have a couple of 8am wake-ups whilst he was poorly which was nice, but I'm very happy with 7am (especially as we'd accepted the fact we'd be getting up at 6am for the rest of our lives). Naps are much of the same, he sleeps well most of the time and he tends to nap better at nursery sometimes than he does at home.

A very poorly Archie before his temperature spiked and we had to take him to the hospital

Food: This kid will not drink from a cup, he's a nightmare, I've tried everything. He used to drink a teeny amount of water if I poured it for him (mostly would spit it out though), but although he knows how to use the cup properly, he will spit out anything (water or milk/juice) that's in it immediately and just bang/play with the cup until there's liquid everywhere, gahhh, he won't even drink it from a bottle! The day after I wrote this, he started drinking from his cup, he knows! Just little bits for now, but he's got the hang of it so hopefully he'll now increase his water intake.

Archie's having mostly lumpy mixes and finger foods so we're going in the right direction of stage 3. He loves cauliflower cheese, he almost always demolishes the whole lot, and he's obsessed with plum, anything involving plum or cheese he will eat. It's hit & miss whether he'll always finish a whole meal (lunches are especially tricky) but I think it's a learning curve for us all as he's still drinking 3 bottles a day. I think he's in the process of dropping his lunch time bottle (but until I can make sure he's getting enough for lunch and at least drinking some water, I'm reluctant to let him).

Forgetting his own food, he's completely mesmerised by anything and everything we are eating, no matter what it is. He'll crawl over to anyone who's eating and sit & stare at their food with big puppy dog eyes and make them feel completely guilty. He's been trying plenty of bits of what we're having this month which has been great for him to try different tastes/textures.

We've ditched the disposables and now have a cloth bum!

Sizes: Bit of both! Archie's now wearing some of his 12-18 month clothes (mainly vests, dungarees and joggers) but can still fit into most of his 9-12 tops and jackets, but is most definitely a size up when it comes to hats (bless his big head). He's still a size 4 in disposables, of which we are using less & less of. I actually never use them except at night, while we find a good night nappy for him.

We've now been using cloth nappies for around a month and there's not much to say besides I think they're great. There's been a few poo-splosions so the biggest thing is learning how to handle those (obviously not so easy with cloth) but besides that we're really getting the hang of them. He almost never leaks through them now (unless Mummy's done them up incorrectly or he's using a particular brand that I know aren't great) and I'm learning how many I need during the day and how often I need to change him. Little Lambs are the bulkiest but are fantastic for night time and TotsBots are really easy to put on. I've also just received a Frugi TotsBots nappy in a limited edition Christmas print, especially for Archie's first second Christmas. I'm in the process of writing a whole post dedicated to cloth nappies so for now, you can find out more by reading on Archie's 9 month update.

Mood: I feel like I say this every month but with Archie's illness this month, he's obviously been a very upset boy. For the first time, he spiked a very high fever and for about a week he barely moved around at all, which was heartbreaking to see as he's usually such an active child. Besides that, he's generally been his usual happy self, just a bit clingy with Mama at times (mostly when he's tired).

Likes: Playing peek-a-boo, cuddles when tired, being healthy, calpol, saying "dadadada", throwing/banging/chucking his cup (doing anything besides drinking out of it), loveloveloves his winnie-the-pooh comforter, nursery, blowing raspberries (in context), chewing on ice pops (those damn teeth).

Dislikes: Having a stick pushed on his tongue (which happened far too much for our liking this month), antibiotics (try getting that orange crap down his throat, nightmare), when you eat in front of him (regardless of whether he's just had his dinner or not), bumps on the head (_), waiting for his morning bottle (he can literally scream the house down).

Two shiny new teeth & loving the teacups at Marlborough Mop


  • We have tooth number 2! It appeared the day he turned 9 months and since then his two bottom teeth have grown through together and look so adorable. I suspect there are more teeth erupting (due to lots of flushed cheeks and dribbles) but I can't see anything yet. They're definitely helping him with eating as there seems to be nothing he can't get his teeth into now.
  • No walking as of yet, but Archie's perfecting his standing/balancing skills and is getting better by the day. Multiple times a day he will stand on his own for longer periods of time and he's also started to slowly stand up and down on his own without holding onto anything. It's only a matter of time before he gains enough confidence to take his first steps!
  • A now waves, which is the cutest thing! He's been flukily waving for a little while (he started to wave to the nurses at the hospital), but within the last couple of days he's started to pick up when he's supposed to wave, so he'll now wave to anyone when they say goodbye to him. He'll also show us his toys (like his Winnie, if he's just found him somewhere) and pass us anything he doesn't want to hold & he's discovered his tongue and been sticking it out alot lately, especially when you do it to him first.
  • After months of practice, A is now an expert crawler and although he's been exploring anywhere he can at home, he never had the confidence when we were out & about and would stay close to me.. until now. If I take my eyes off of him for a second, he'll be off (up the stairs/in the kitchen) anywhere he can get to, he especially loves opening the cupboard doors in the kitchen & biting chunks out of our TV unit (time to baby-proof).

Things I don't want to forget:

  • When we visit my Nan's house, Archie adores the dogs and is always trying to crawl after them/grab them (he's still not being gentle though!). They're great with him and are constantly kissing and licking his face & ears and rolling over in front of him.
  • Archie's now been at nursery for just over a month and he's settled in really well. In the past week, he's stopped crying when I drop him off and goes off quite happily (after a big cuddle) and always enjoys himself. It's great hearing what he gets up to during the day and I've been told he's constantly on-the-go (same as at home then!) and trying to stand/climb on everything he can.
  • I can't believe I've had this blog for over 6 months and I've only just managed to get a picture of Archie and his Nanny Sue! We usually go to Gloucester 2-3 times a month to visit Martin's family and pick up Archie's brother, Fin. We definitely need lots more pics of Archie with Daddy's side of the family as they are such a wonderful bunch, and we'll definitely aim to get a picture of Archie with his Aunty Hannah on here next!

Nanny Sue! & brother Finners x

  • So, this month I've noticed that Archie has a tonne of hair (ok, maybe not that much, but alot more than I've noticed before). It's adorable, and fluffy and sticks up and looks blonde/fair to me.
  • Last year, we attended the Marlborough Mop when I was 7 months pregnant and this year we got to take Archie! He was mesmerised by the lights and sounds, and he even had a ride on the teacups (which he absolutely loved, and cried when we had to get off).
  • We celebrated Grandad Huey's birthday this month (I'll avoid repeating his age here!) and it was lovely to get a picture of Grandad and grandson blowing out the candles on his cake.
  • Archie is obsessed with clawing at his Dadda J's nipples and pulling his hairs. So gross, but Martin is constantly having to cover his chest as Archie thinks they're toys and trys to pull & grab at them. He's also invented a fun game where he throws Daddy's phone at him repeatedly.

  • Oh, my baby boy has been so cuddly this month, and he now seems to want cuddles (rather than having them forced upon him by us). When I get home from work, he always holds his hands out to me, and snuggles into my shoulder when he's sleepy. He's also gone through a clingy phase and tends to cry when I leave the room, most often when he's just woken up from a nap and we're not at home.
  • A's been blowing raspberries for a little while, but this month he's definitely mastered how to spit things out. In fact, he enjoys it so much, he will open his mouth for food, just so he can spit it out again. He'll blow raspberries if you tell him no, and spit out his (granted, it's disgusting) antibiotics every time we try to administer it.

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