10 Awesome Gifts for Designer Mums

Now that I'm a Mummy, Mothers Day becomes all that more exciting in our household. Last year was my first and as Archie was only 4 months old, the only way he could really thank me was by dribbling through a bib every 3 hours instead of 4. This year, we'll be much better equipped and able to leave the house at a reasonable hour to go out for dinner! As a designer, I quite often procrastinate spend my time ogling over beautiful things, so here are some of the best gifts I've discovered on the interwebs that would make any Mummy happy on her special day.

Biscuit Shaped Chocolates Set 'First My' Mother's Day Card

1. Biscuit Shaped Chocolates Set by Chocolate by Chocolate on Chocolate – £12

Chocolates made to look like your favourite biscuits! There's not much point but they look pretty awesome and I'm a sucker for pretty biscuits (did you see the lobster biscuits in our Valentines Day Gift Guide?).

2. Mother's Day Card by Old English Company – £2.50

Cards with gorgeous designs make me very happy. I hate the cliché, standard cards you get at most supermarkets and love something with lots of charm! This is a card a Mummy would keep forever & ever and not sneakily discard of after a couple of days on the shelf (don't tell the kids..).

Personalised Love Note Mother's Day 'Queen For The Day' Card Glasses

3. Personalised Love Note Envelope by Handmade at Poshyarns – £21

This is so adorable [insert loveheart-eyes emoji here]! If you're looking for a gift that Mummy can keep and cherish rather than eat or drink (though we always appreciate wine FYI), this is a great one.

4. Mother's Day 'Queen For The Day' Card Glasses by Tandem Green – £3.50

Being as March 15th is a day that Mummy's should be completely and utterly spoiled (of course, we think this should be the case most days), what better way than to let the world know with this fab card that she can also wear? In fact, I might take to wearing these regularly..

Hand Shit Moisturiser by Firebox Electrick Children Film Print

5. Hand Shit by Firebox – £7.99

Yes! Ever since Archie was born, my hands have been abused and devoid of moisture. They spend more time being washed than not being washed and my god, do they hurt (first world problems I never had to worry about BA - before Archie). This hand shit comes in apple blossom, honeysuckle sage, jasmine fig & sweet pea lilac. Yum!

6. Electrick Children Film Framed Print by Firebox – from £19.99

My legs go completely weak at the knees for this print, it's frickin' awesome and I'll probably purchase it as an early Mothers Day gift for myself. I also love that you can buy it in various different sizes, depending on your budget.

The Indoor Sleeping Bag by The Good Guest Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses

7. The Indoor Sleeping Bag by The Good Guest – from £48

For when you decide enough's enough; you're leaving the baby with the Mr and going out for the night to get sloshed. Here's where these deluxe sleeping bags come in handy. I am friends with the lovely Minnie, who founded The Good Guest so I've seen first-hand how comfy and warm they are, perfect for sleepovers!

8. Freeze Chilling Wine Glasses by Firebox – £24.99

Ahhh-mazing! These clever glasses will keep your wine nice and chilled for up to an hour (without those pesky ice cubes watering it down). These will be perfect for the warm (& probably rainy, let's be honest England) Summer evenings we have yet to look forward to.

NB. While you're visiting Firebox; ever wonder what song you were conceived to?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in Pink 'Let Me Go Back To Bed' Women's Loose Fit T Shirt

9. Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in Pink by Urban Outfitters – £90

Most of us creatives are always snapping pics and making doubly sure we preserve every memory possible at every opportunity. This cute little camera will do that for you, and print the shot instantly (no worrying about film developing or uploading to the laptop) plus it comes in 5 other equally awesome colours.

10. Women's Loose Fit Slogan T-Shirt by Type On Top – £22

Yes, please please let me go back to bed.

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