Who are we?

I'm Kaye—that's me up there with the dungarees and teenage girl curls (I swear, I'm 30). That man-boy to the right is Mr J and the second biggest is Archie, he's 4 years and a few months old and he's the reason I started this blog. He's rambunctious, adventurous and just a little cheeky. The littlest one on my hip? That's Jesse Blue; he's reason #2 and he's 1.5 years old. He's different to his brother, laidback, sensitive and happy to watch the world around him (but he doesn't sleep as well).

We live on the edge of the English countryside in Wiltshire, UK and spend the majority of our evenings fighting over whether it's chick-flick or boy-film night before promptly falling asleep half-way through either! If I had to describe this blog, I suppose I'd say we're a family & lifestyle blog, sharing the day-to-day memories and photographs as well as any adventures we're lucky enough to go on. All graphics, words and photographs are entirely my own and I also make the odd video every now & then.

How was Hello Archie born?

One day, the warm sun came up and pop!—Sorry, too much hungry caterpillar (blame the small people). I'm actually a graphic and web designer by trade and it's something I love to do. Building & designing websites in my spare time was a labour of love and when my first was born, I knew I wanted somewhere I could store all of the wonderful photographs and memories of his babyhood.

That's where it all started, and since 2015, things have naturally progressed from there. I now blog not only about my boy's monthly updates, but about our lives together as a very normal family, days out and the occasional embarrassing story in the hope that other parents will relate and not feel so alone in their journey. Along the way, we've collaborated with some lovely brands in the hope of sharing products and clothes that we absolutely love and it's something I hope to continue to do as we grow.

There's my boys

Our story

Mr J and I have been together for around 10 years (it's easy to lose track after so long) and we are engaged but yet to be married. We often laugh that we plodded along not doing much for the first 7 years of our relationship before cramming renting together, buying a house, getting engaged and two babies into the last 3 years. Mr J works long hours in retail so I spend alot of time home with the boys and my parents (who live in the same road). I had a brother who had severe autism and learning difficulties and we sadly lost him to an enlarged heart around 7 years ago now; my boy's never got to meet him but Archie has his middle name and we often visit his grave and talk about him amongst our family.


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